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The SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry (SMF) provides microfluidic chipholder, for its standard microfluidic chips. The chipholder typically includes the tubing, connectors (nuts) and ferrules. Functional modules, e.g. localized heater, sample storage cartridge and flow regulator can also be added for complex lab-on-chip applications.

The AHQ chipholder is compact, ergonomic and easy to use due to its quick locking mechanism. The thin, flat design comes in handy when using it with a stereo or inverted microscope. The holder provides reliable fluidic connections between the chip and tubing with high flow pressure and low dead volume. The built-in alignment features ensure leak-proof flow interfacing between tubing and chip.

We also provide customised chips specific to your unique requirements. We can fabricate the polymer-based microfluidic chips according to your design specifications.