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Semicon SEA 2019
7 - 9 May 2019
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CO2 Incubator


Every CO2 incubator from BINDER guarantees ideal, reproducible growth conditions for cell cultures. The proven APT.line™ air jacket system and Permadry technology eliminate the risk of condensation. Thanks to 180 °C hot-air sterilization, bacteria and spores are eliminated.

The unique deep-drawn obstruction free chamber makes cleaning very easy. This standard feature is what gives the BINDER C and CB Series CO2 incubators an advantage in uniform cell and tissue cultivation.

Special features
  • Seamless, deep-drawn inner stainless steel chamber
  • Auto-sterilization with hot air at 180 °C
  • Hot-air sterilizable CO2 sensor with infrared technology
  • Double-pan humidification system with condensation protection
  • Humidity sensor with infrared technology
  • Internal data recording and USB interface


• UV light disinfection
• PT1000 temperature sensor
• Efficient heating system, quick heating and rapid heating recovery long life highly reliable Thermal Conductivity CO2 sensor
• 'Auto-start' function can reset the CO2 sensor baseline without manual adjustments
• A new type of water reservoir replaces the standard water tray
• Independent over-temperature cutout
• Gas supply line filter
• Coved corners and quick clean shelves
• Multiple alarms indicate incorrect chamber conditions, inner and outer door closure faults, power failure, etc.
• Easy operation with soft-touch control panel


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