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Neofuge 18/18R

Heal Force Neofuge 18R laboratory centrifuge, providing excellent centrifugal effect and easy to use with high reliability and safety, are widely used in the fields of molecular and biochemical research, and medical diagnosis.


  • Refrigerated by CFC-free unit (R134a), temperature range -10 ~ 40ºC
  • Maximum speed at 18,000 rpm & maximum RCF at 31,515xg
  • Easy control for parameter setting & precise control by microprocessor
  • Electronic imbalance detection
  • Automatic rotor identification
  • Low noise brushless drive motor, free of maintenance
  • Precooling rotors function during standy
  • 9 acceleration / deceleration curves available
  • Multi-function by 8 optional rotors

Lid-lock system

The lid-lock system is a patented design for safety. The lid is locked by electronic latch automatically, and also not able to be opened manually. The instruction of opening the lid is requested by the "open" key on the control panel, and takes effect only when the rotors inside stop running.


Up to 15 working modes are able to be programmed and saved, for the convenience of future uses.

Quick Spin

For short process working, a "quck spin" key is easy to operate without other setting.

Electronic imbalance detection

Neofuge 18R is equipped with an electronic imbalance detection system, which responds in case samples are loaded incorrectly or the tube is broken, and pauses centrifugation automatically to protect the operator or machine from being hurt or damaged.

Automatic rotor identification

Different rotors are identified automatically by the system. The system indicates alarm signal in case of following conditions: setting speed exceeding limit, empty running without rotors, and failure of rotor identification.

Alarm and troubleshooting

The control microprocessor is applied to monitor the machine to work safely and reliably. Any abnormal operation working status may be detected immediately, and the system activates protecting process automatically. Meanwhile, alarm and record functions are also activated to inform the operator by showing message on the panel and saving the error report.