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Molecular Biology

Ron´s DNA/RNA purifikation kits are column based nucleic acid purification systems for the easy and fast isolation of DNA or RNA from a variety of sources. HiBind mini-columns facilitate the binding, washing and elution steps thus enabling multiple samples to be simultaneously processed. No phenol or chlorophorm should be used, no ethanol precipitation is applied.
Over recent years a lot of research laboratories have started using DNA-free Taq DNA polymerase as the most reliable enzyme for PCR, and BIORON is proud of being one of the first companies to launch DFS-Taq DNA polymerase - an enzyme with no DNA traces. Currently the SuperHot Taq DNA polmyerase from Bioron is regarded as one of the best enzymes for specific and sensitive qPCR. We are really pleased to unterstand that more and more large international diagnostic companies selected this enzyme for their PCR diagnostic kit.

GenePack DNA/RNA PCR tests systems provide simple and convenient analysis of infection agents presence in biological samples based on PCR technique.

All reagents required for PCR and Reverse Transcription are lyophilized.and stabilized, so GenePack DNA PCR tests can be transported at ambient temperature (+15-30 °C) and stored at +2-8°C for a long time (more then 1 Year).

Specific Animal DNA Detection kits are designed for specific,fast and reliable identification of a single species even in extremely mixed and processed samples of food. The optimized primers and DNA isolation guarantee high sensitvity. Each Kit consists of 10 DNA isolations + 30 PCR reactions + internal control DNA (excluded polymerase). We recommend to use SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase in combination with Animal DNA Detection kits

Please note: These test systems are not CE-marked for R&D only