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  • Variable speed from 200 to 1,500rpm
  • DC brushless motor for gentle and powerful motion
  • Orbital of 3mm for efficient mixing in small sample vessels
  • Continuous or timed operation
  • Optional rack for 1.5ml centrifuge tube
  • Simple spring holders for easy and speed of plate installation
OS-200&OS-100 Orbital Shaker is a powerful variable speed shaker which provides efficient orbital motion. Microprocessor controls of speed and time. The shaker can be applicable in different laboratories: in microbiology, chemistry, immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology.
The Bacti-Cinerator sterilizer sterilizes microorganisms utilizing infrared heat produced by a ceramic core element. The ceramic element contains no asbestos and ensures maximum sterility without splatter across the work surface area. Complete sterilization occurs within 5-7 seconds at optimum sterilizing temperature of 1500ºF(815.6ºC). The small footprint makes the Bacti-Cinerator sterilizer an ideal instrument for anaerobic and aerobic chambers alike. Several user friendly accessories are also available for the Bacti-Cinerator sterilizer .


  • Ignite mode: By touch-free IR sensing movement and a wireless foot pedal control
  • Gas types: All flammable safety gas (0.28?0.4MPa)
  • Safety Protection: It has overheating protection and gas safety cut-off protection