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BioSurveillance Systems


The FilmArray® is able to identify, in a closed system, dozens of the most lethal viruses and bacteria, including emerging infectious diseases. The easy-to-use, syringe-loaded system represents the next generation in automated detection systems.

The FilmArray uses a plastic pouch with automated capabilities, including sample preparation, reverse transcription for RNA viruses, and a two-stage nested multiplex PCR process. The results are a revolutionary detection system in a lightweight, small-footprint format.


Ebola Detection with the FilmArray BioThreat Panel

The Ruggedized Advanced Pathogen Identification Device (R.A.P.I.D.) is a portable real-time PCR system designed to identify biological agents.
The RAZOR EX system detects and identifies biological agents using cutting edge technology. Made for field use, the RAZOR EX is compact, lightweight, and easy to use.