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Roots Pumps

Roots pumps for Every Low and Medium Vacuum Applications. The Power Pump Portfolio.

Our Roots pumps offer pumping speeds ranging from 250 to 25,000 m3/h. They can be safely employed for low and medium vacuum applications in the coating or semiconductor industry, in research & development, metallurgy or in chemistry and process technology.

The gear and bearing chambers in our Roots pumps are completely separate from the gas pumping chamber. Because the rotors operate without making contact, dry, hydrocarbon-free operation is assured.

A further advantage: Thanks to air cooling, operating costs are significantly lower than with water cooling. The design principle of our proven Roots pumps has also been expanded to include magnetic couplings. These hermetically sealed pumps make oil leaks a thing of the past. We have also developed special pumps for processes that take place in explosive environments or for evacuating explosive gases.