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HiPaceTM Series

HiPace stands for a complete line of compact yet powerful turbopumps featuring pumping speeds that range from 10 – 2,000 liters per second. These models afford cost-effective yet flexible installation in any orientation. The proven bearing system affords unrivaled dependability. And their sophisticated rotor design makes for higher pumping speeds, higher backing pump compatibility and higher gas throughputs, as well as very good compression for light gases.


High gas throughputs
High pumping speeds of from 10 to 2,000 l/s
Integrated, powerful cooling
Compatible with Semi S2
Suitable for industrial environments thanks to Protection Class IP 54

In addition to analytical, vacuum process and semiconductor technology, these pumps also cover the needs of coating, research & development and industrial applications.
Series at a glance

HiPace 10-700
Complete line of compact yet powerful turbopumps
Improved rotor design
Installation possible in any orientation

HiPace 1200-2300
Four sizes offering pumping speeds of from 1,000 to 2,000 l/s
Robust rotor bearing system
Simple installation

HiPace MC
Integrated drive electronics eliminate the need for cumbersome and costly cabling
Suitable for most applications thanks to high pumping speed and high gas throughput
Magnetically Levitated Turbopumps with Integrated Drive Electronics