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Family of systems for the thermal evaporation of aluminum

Hundreds of our AluMet systems designed for the thermal evaporation of aluminum are in operation all around the world. For decades this process has been a popular method in the plastics industry. Here, molded parts are mounted on revolving cages. An even and regular coating is then achieved by rotation around the source of evaporation.

The multi-value platform for manufacturers of capacitor films

Capacitor coatings on the basis of aluminum or in combination of aluminum and zinc - Cap-M can do both. Therefore it offers a great competitive advantage. The system can quickly and easily be adapted to all kinds of requirements. The evaporator does not even have to be replaced.
The In-Line coating solution for three-dimensional molded parts

Short cycle times and perfect results: our DynaMet series of systems has set high standards for the coating of three-dimensional molded parts. Now we have put all its advantages 'In-Line'. Our new In-Line system that makes possible even faster clock cycles at the very best coating quality is called 'DynaLine'.

The sputtering systems for the coating of molded parts

The family of DynaMet systems distinguishes itself by extremely short cycle times. This maximum performance becomes possible thanks to highly-productive cathode sputtering. Integrated in a production line, small and big three-dimensional molded parts can thus be coated at very reasonable cost.


The multi-value platform for manufacturers of packaging films

Pinhole free results on barrier coatings for the packaging industry: Pro-M offers a unique combination of technical refinement. Heat-sensitive films, papers or even hot stamping films can be metallized on this multi-value platform.


The sputtering system for metallizing large and complex three-dimensional parts

'Just in time', thanks to high throughput and perfect results: PylonMet meets all demands that the automotive industry can possibly make on such a system. The rotating pylon carrying the substrates enables it to metallize even large, complex three-dimensional parts.