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The sputtering systems for the coating of molded parts

The family of DynaMet systems distinguishes itself by extremely short cycle times. This maximum performance becomes possible thanks to highly-productive cathode sputtering. Integrated in a production line, small and big three-dimensional molded parts can thus be coated at very reasonable cost.

Up to four work processes operate synchronously

Depending on the type of system, DynaMet has up to four work stations that are arranged around a rotation axis. Thanks to this design, loading and unloading, pretreatment, and of course the metallization or the application of a protective layer can all be carried out synchronously and fully automatically - which saves a lot of time.

Easy maintenance

The DynaMet systems can be serviced quickly and easily. When working in three-shift operation, DynaMet 4V for example (a pure-bred production system for mass production in 35-second cycles) makes do with only one cleaning of the process chambers per week.