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Cleaning Abrasives, Wipers & Sponges

1000 Series Swabs employ the CleanWIPE reticulated 100ppi foam to provide soft, absorbent cleaning performance. The CleanWIPE swabs are available in a variety of head shapes and sizes enabling precision cleaning of optical, disk drive, and medical device components. Manufacturing, cleaning and packaging is performed on an integrated line to ensure maximum cleanliness and lot to lot uniformity.
FirmWIPE® is constructed from an open-cell ester-based polyurethane foam which has undergone a special felting process. FirmWIPE® offers fiber-free wiping in applications where durability and fast wicking, without dripping, are desirable. FirmWIPE® is available in both Class 100 and Class 1000 configurations. Due to its ability to conform to metal mask surfaces, FirmWIPE® enables excess paste to be thoroughly removed while minimizing abrasion to the emulsion. Its unique pore structure makes it ideal for cleaning metal masks used to print LTCC components, capacitors, EL, OLED, and Plasma Display Panels.
MiraWIPE® is constructed from a continuous filament micro denier nylon/polyester fabric to enhance contamination entrapment and removal on critical surfaces. Woven from a no-run, no-stretch textile to minimize In-Use Particles from the face and edge of the wiper. Cleanroom washed and packed, MiraWIPE® is available in configurations to meet Class 1-1000 applications. Available gamma irradiated and triple bagged with a sterility assurance level of 106 for sterile applications.
UltraSOLV® 1700 Series Swabs are excellent general purpose cleaning tools for HDD components, optics, medical devices or vacuum equipment. UltraSOLV® tip construction provides good particle and residue removal with a minimum of particle transfer due to abrasion. Unique thermal bonding and cleaning process ensure a minimum of particle shedding from foam seal.
ESD Safe UltraSOLV 1900 and 1900X Series Swabs

ESD Safe UltraSOLV 1900 Series Swabs provide streak-free cleaning of static sensitive components. Excellent absorbency maximizes particle and residue removal from components. The UltraSOLV foam tip offers excellent abrasion resistance, minimizing particle generation due to abrasion when cleaning sharp or rough surfaces such as suspensions, flex circuit bonding pads and sliders. UltraSOLV foam generates < 5 volts of tribocharge on commonly used HDD Slider surfaces.
UltraSOLV® is a highly absorbent, Class 10 Wiper constructed from a naturally reticulated, hydrophilic, polyurethane foam. Using Foamtec International's patented cleaning process and foam technology, UltraSOLV® Wipers are ideal for cleaning critical tools and assemblies. Available as a sponge for use with UltraSOLV® ScrubPADs on wet cleans.
UltraSORB® Wipers are highly absorbent wipers that combine excellent ESD characteristics with Class 100 cleanliness. Due to its sponge-like wiping capability, fiber-free construction and ability to resist shedding of particles due to abrasion, it is the perfect choice for Stencil, Thick Film Screen and Medical Device wiping applications. It's unique pore structure allows for controlled solvent transfer to screen and metal masks to aid in the removal of solder paste, conductive adhesives and thick film inks. Ideal for cleaning metal masks used to print LTCC components, capacitors, EL, and Plasma Display Panels. Due to its ability to conform to metal meshed masks, UltraSORB® enables excess paste to be thoroughly removed while minimizing abrasion to the emulsion.