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The medium-sized solution for the Rx and stock production of ophthalmic lenses

Uncompromising performance and a compact design: BOXER is a coating system for eyeglass lenses. It is ideal for Rx production as well as for stock production. And of course, the system is suitable for clean room use as well.
The economic multi-talented coating family for the Rx production of ophthalmic lenses

The CCSII family proves that small dimensions and high productivity are not mutually exclusive. On just two square meters of floor space, this family of systems combines the most important features for the Rx production of eyeglass lenses and simple handling.
The unique solution for optical, electronic and mechanical uses

A unique 'reactive magnetron' evaporation process enables HELIOS to produce coatings of excellent quality at high clock cycles, for optical and electronic uses as well as for mechanical ones. Moreover, our 'system of many talents' is extremely reliable despite its low cost of maintenance.
The unbeatable solution for optical monitoring right on the calotte

Monitoring right on the calotte: our Optical Monitoring System 5000 sets new standards for mass production. With OMS 5000, high signal strength at minimal interference in practically any waveband can be utilizied, which makes test runs before the start of production fairly unnecessary.
The ideal solution for series and stock production

High batch capacity, short cycle times, and high process stability – these are the features that make SYRUS III the ideal coating system for series or stock production. Achieving a high cost-benefit ratio has also been our main aim when improving our well-known SYRUS series even further.
The flexible and productive coating system family in precision optics

The SYRUSpro family is ready to face any demands that precision optics can possibly make on a coating system. It has a novel process control system that convinces with maximum automation. Besides great flexibility, this system guarantees the highest performance and productivity.
Easy-to-handle process for hydrophobic coatings

Hydrophobic coatings in less than 20 minutes: the TC-X topcoater offers high performance at a very favourable price. Hydrophobic coatings seal lens surfaces with an ultra-smooth polymer, making it easy to clean the eyeglass lenses from dirt, water or oily contamination can simply be wiped off.

TC-X is the optimum supplement to any type of optical coating system. It considerably shortens the process running times on the master systems. To ensure a quick and smooth transfer of the lenses during production, the TC-X system can even work with the paddles of LEYBOLD OPTICS´ CCSII.