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This large, configurable multi-chamber array features a central robot and automation control that allows for the creation of complex multiple substrate recipes with multiple chamber processes without breaking vacuum. The options and configurations are many with processes that are fast, reliable, and repeatable. Various automation levels are available allowing for the creation of devices with unprecedented speed and precision.

Small but mighty. Covap is our most compact and economical PVD platform, suitable for many process applications. It’s easy to fit into your lab as well as your budget. Approximate substrate maximum: 100mm x 100mm

A compact, economical, and fully featured PVD workhorse. Incredible versatility in a compact footprint. Available with a wide range of deposition source and substrate fixture options. Approximate substrate maximum: 100mm x 100mm

Large chamber sizes, but very quick pumping times. These reliable workhorses can be configured for the chamber size and batch capacity you need.


This series of systems allows for high throughput production on large substrates, can be seamlessly integrated into larger clusters of production tools, and provides impressive uniformity.


Not too big, not too small. It’s just right. The Amod chamber size fits in between an EvoVac and a Nexdep. The Amod offers a great balance between capability and budget. Approximate substrate maximum: 150mm x 150mm


Designed and manufactured to meet the high temperature and rapid cooling requirements of graphene and CNT research, Angstrom’s LPCVD (Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition) system will fit in nicely in your lab.

Anything is possible with this PVD titan. Evovac is our most capable single-chamber PVD platform. It provides the largest chamber for multiple deposition sources, and the most modifiable process tools to ensure your specific research needs are being met precisely. Approximate substrate maximum: 150mm x 150mm