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Device Bonders

With ± 0.5 µm placement accuracy and ± 1 µm post-bond accuracy, the SET FC150 Die/Flip Chip Bonder offers the latest evolutions in bonding techniques. With configurations ranging from manual to full automation, the FC150 provides development and production capabilities on a single upgradeable cost-effective platform. The high degree of flexibility offered on the FC150 makes it the machine of choice for advanced research with the ability to move directly into pilot production. Designed to maximize accuracy and versatility, the FC150 answers almost every need in high-end bonding applications.
The FC300 High Force Die / Flip Chip Bonder is a newest generation of high accuracy and high force system for chip-to-chip and chip-to-wafer bonding, on wafers up to 300 mm.

The tool features automated handling of chips and substrates up to 100 mm from waffle packs, plus a robotic option enabling chip picking from diced wafer and automated handling of larger substrate. It features also Nanoimprinting Lithography (NIL) capabilities.
The FC300R is an automated version of the basic model of the High Force FC300; it addresses the needs of the pre-production environment.

The FC300R offers production capabilities for Chip-to-Substrate or Chip-to-Wafer assembly as well as Chip-to-Chip stacking. With the unmatched post-bond accuracy of ± 0.5 µm, across the entire force range of the machine (up to 4,000N), the FC300R is the ideal tool for 3D-IC applications using high density TSV.
The KADETT from SET is a semi automatic die bonder and flip chip bonder enabling the assembly of devices on a wide variety of substrates. It is particularly well suited for Research & Development laboratories, as well as pre-production environments.

The KADETT's design incorporates flexible system architecture. In its basic version, it performs accurate pick & place functions. The KADETT is easily customized with specific modules such as a UV glue curing system, thermosonic bonding and other innovative options.
The LDP150 Large Device Press is especially designed for large radiation detectors using compression bonding.

The device is pressed at room temperature, preserving the initial high accuracy alignment and parallelism.
With a post-bonding accuracy of ± 0.5 µm using passive alignment method, the TRIAD 05 AP provides development and production capabilities on a single upgradeable and cost-effective platform with configurations ranging from the manual-loading version to the fully automatic in-line solution.

It features a broad range of bonding processes: Global or In-Situ Reflow, Thermo Compression (max. 5N), UV curing and Thermo Sonic bonding.
The T-6000 Die Bonder is an all purpose system for R&D, pilot and medium size production.
Die handling is standard from Wafer, Waffle-Pack and Gel-Pack. Automatic Die assembly utilizing pattern recognition is combined with ease of use operation and suited for manual single Die placement.