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Parts Counter


The PC-250+ Parts Counter is designed for counting surface mount parts in tape and reel, safely and quickly. Parts are handled without kinking or bending the tape. The design of the PC-250+ allows for bi-directional parts counting, subtracting when the direction of tape travel is reversed.


The PC-250+  also provides and excellent quality inspection platform. While counting, each pocket can be checked for proper part placement and tape adhesion. This unit is a necessity if you are active in the SMD taping of parts inventory process.


The Versacount II+ is V-TEK's latest Parts Counter that can operate with surface mount devices, as well as axial and radical taped components with very little transition time.


The Versacount II+ can be programmed to count a specific number of parts. When programmed to do so, it will detect empty pockets and display the actual number of parts along with the number of empty pockets (EPD optional).


No parts counter is right for the job if it is not accurate. The Versacount II+ provides a 100% accurate count whether going forward or backward.