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Trace Gas Analyzers


The new ALOHA+ H2O analyzer offers multi-point measurement capabilities and advances moisture detection to unprecedented low levels in NH3. The ALOHA + H2O provides High Brightness LED makers with the exceptional (2PPB) detection limits, accuracy, reliability, speed of response and ease of operation that Tiger Optics customers have come to expect.


Measuring CO, CO2, CH4 or H2O in NEMA-rated enclosure

Class I, Div. 2 for hydrocarbon feedstocks and syngas

Just in time to meet the growing demand for high-quality hydrogen feedstock, Tiger Optics’ CO-rekt™ analyzer brings the renowned benefits of Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy to your HyCO and SMR plants. This powerful, proven technology offers safe, fast and stable performance that allows you to efficiently manage your PSA beds to maximize yields and minimize contamination. The CO-rekt’s dynamic range spans over four orders of magnitude, from parts-per-billion to parts-per-million. Other benefits include:

The HALO 3 H2O analyzer has detection limits fifty percent lower than the original HALO. It provides users with the unmatched accuracy, reliability, speed of response and ease of operation that users of Tiger Optics analyzers know and expect. Featuring Tiger Optics’ patented Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy-based moisturizer and economic design, this versatile analyzer allows users to measure moisture in most inert, corrosive and toxic gases with just one device.
The HALO KA H2O packs a punch in one all-included compact and affordable package. Using Tiger Optics’ renowned time-based technology – Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy – you can verify moisture impurity levels down to 200 PPT in helium, with drift-free stability and virtually instant response.

Enabling Ultimate Moisture Detection Performance in Semiconductor Manufacturing

As the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) drives the semiconductor industry beyond Moore’s Law and sets the requirements for the next decade, Tiger Optics accepts the challenge with the HALO KA Max H2O.

Building on Tiger Optics’ customer-acknowledged and renowned time-based technology—Continuous-Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy—users can verify moisture impurity levels down to 100 ppt in semi bulk gases, with drift-free stability and virtually instant response to moisture upsets.

Super-compact and affordable, Tiger’s new HALO OK fits neatly into a portable cart or instrument rack for easy, accurate and maintenance-free operation. Verify oxygen impurity levels with part-per-trillion accuracy, drift-free stability and instantaneous response. With its patented catalytic conversion technique, utilizing a minute amount of hydrogen to cleanly and safely convert oxygen to moisture, the OK offers a fully laser-based solution for your process.

Ultimate performance for ppt-level moisture detection

Delivering your best measurement

Detect gas quality upsets before they can damage your processes. Using Tiger Optics’ LaserTrace 3 H2O analyzer, you can verify moisture impurity levels with part-per-trillion accuracy, drift-free stability, and virtually immediate response. You’ll find our system exceptionally easy and fast to install, and effortless to maintain, with built-in zero verification. It measures in bulk gases, specialty gases, and gas mixtures. And its robust design—free of moving parts—results in an analyzer that has a high Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rate and a very low Cost of Ownership (CoO).


With the introduction of the new Prismatic 2 multi-species trace gas analyzer, Tiger Optics takes a quantum leap forward. The combined electronics and sensor module can simultaneously measure multiple analytes in a wide variety of background gases. The Prismatic 2 offers precise analysis over a vast dynamic range.

For the first time, powerful advanced spectroscopy is available at a popular price for a host of applications, from quality assurance to cylinder filling, as well as welding, medical, industrial and high-purity gas production; bulk delivery and distribution transfer points; and more. Say goodbye to cumbersome, complex, costly and labor-intensive mid-20th century technology. Gone is the need for calibration, spare parts, cramped ranges, and worries about drift and downtime. The speed alone will make you gasp. Plus, it’s a joy to start-up and to operate.

Next-Generation Trace Gas Analyzer for Detection & Continuous Monitoring of Ammonia (NH3) Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMCs) in Semiconductor Cleanrooms

You can spend a long time “looking” for Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMCs) when the catastrophic product performance or yield loss is discovered at your device final test stage; or you can deploy Tiger Optics’ T-I Max NH3 analyzer to locate and to monitor these invisible defect generators, commonly found lurking in and around equipment, personnel, wafer carriers and cleanroom bays.

In today’s advanced semiconductor processing, the residual gases, vapors and chemicals emanating from the various materials, accelerated processing operations, and substrate storage and transport have become a critical concern. So much so that the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) now highlights AMC contamination as a key technical challenge in achieving and sustaining low defect rates on devices.


Methane analyzer for greenhouse gas detection and monitoring

Combat global warming at the source

The Tiger-i 2000 CH4 greenhouse gas analyzer for methane is designed for versatile use. It can measure ambient levels of CH4 with high precision over a wide range of temperatures with excellent reliability, and it can monitor emissions of greenhouse gases from various sources such as landfills, gas and oil exploration sites, refineries, and agricultural facilities. The Tiger-i 2000 helps users to easily and accurately assess their greenhouse gas emissions and implement measures to reduce global warming.