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UV-Ozone/ PECVD/ RIE/ ICP Systems


Model RIE-400iPB

The SAMCO RIE-400iPB is an inductively coupled plasma RIE system that uses high-density plasma to perform high speed silicon etching required in the fabrication of MEMS and electronic devices. The system, capable of etching up to 4” wafers, was designed to provide all the high-performance features of the larger RIE-800iPB in an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, affordable package. 

The SAMCO RIE-400iPB also offers the ability to perform precise, highly controllable SiO2 etching with minimum changeover time. By allowing users to process both SiO2 and Si the system provides Maximum Value and return on investment.



Model RIE-140iP

SAMCO's RIE-140iP is a single wafer ICP etching system especially designed for compound semiconductor materials. This system features SAMCO's latest ICP plasma source technology which generates stable high-density plasma under low pressures and ensures precise anisotropic etching of GaN, InGaAs and quaternary compound semiconductor materials.

A cassette-to-cassette version of this system is also available which is equipped with a vacuum cassette chamber for high volume manufacturing. This is Model RIE-140iPC.
Model RIE-10NR

SAMCO's RIE-10NR is a low-cost, high-performance, fully automatic, dry etching system that meets the most demanding process requirements using fluorine chemistry. A computerized touch panel provides user-friendly interface for parameter control and recipe storage.

Etching is performed with minimum sidewall deterioration and a high selectivity between materials. With its sleek, compact design, the SAMCO RIE-10NR system requires minimal clean room space.