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Pumping Stations

Proven Solutions for Roots Pumping Stations! More Advice. More Competence. More than just Vacuum.

E.g. in space simulation chambers, Roots pumping stations enable a vacuum similar to that encountered in space to be produced in these chambers in order to conduct preparatory tests for space missions
The complete solution for high vacuum applications: The modular pumping station for clean vacuum.

With the modular design principle of the new HiCube series, the never-before-seen versatility will satisfy the widest range of requirements in the pumping speed range from 35 l/s to 685 l/s. Fully configured and ready for immediate employment, the turbopump and backing pump offer a perfect interplay: “Plug and Play” the way you want it.

The HiCube mobile turbopumping station sets new standards: It offers a convincing combination that consists of a new turbopump from the HiPace series and a backing pump designed for the user’s specific application needs. We offer you the new HiCube in Pro and Classic versions; available with dry or oil-sealed backing pump and an ultimate pressure of up to 5 • 10-10 mbar. Available as a version within the HiCube series that offers especially compact dimensions is the HiCube Eco with pumping speeds of 35 l/s to 67 l/s.

HiCube. Flexible. Compact. Versatile.